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Car Stereo Installation
AB Marathon takes pride in our work, offering warranty in all our car stereo installations. We offer great selection, great quality and the best price in the most recognized brand names. AB Marathon is a factory authorized dealer for all major brands. We offer brands such as Pioneer, Kenwood, Kicker, Rockford Fosgate, Power Acoustik and Dei.

Remote Start
Prepare your vehicle in advance before you get in. Defrost your windows and warm up the cabin in the winter cool down burning seats and steering wheels in the summer.

Auto Security
Protect your investment with a Car Alarm System. These systems are very good at deterring thieves. Car Alarm Systems have intricate sensors and features to protect your car against a thief. For example, a shock sensor triggers the alarm when there is an impact on the car, the door triggers activate the alarm if one of the doors open, glass break sensor or audio sensor activates the alarm when a thief breaks a window, tilt sensor triggers the alarm when the car is tilted (if a thief tries to steal the rimes off the car with jack or if the car is towed), motion sensor protects against movement near and inside the car and a ignition kill projects against a thief trying to hotwire a car. These systems will ensure your car stays yours. We offer the best brands like Clifford, Viper, Prestige and CodeAlarm.

GPS Navigation
Satellite navigation is the recent innovation that equips you with a receiver to determine the position exactly by picking up signals from a network of satellites. GPS is short for "Global Positioning System" capable of providing accurate navigation information possible with its astounding technology. Each satellite sends out radio signals that can be picked up by GPS Receivers. The receiver picks up the signal from four satellites to calculate its position on earth. Those signals can trace worldwide coverage with position, weather, velocity and timing information. GPS is used in-car for navigating the accurate route plus these technological wonders offer utmost benefits to make your drive safe and peaceful.

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